Summer - one of Rubens barns tummies

Summer is one of Rubens barns Tummies, a new doll presented in august 2020.

A unique doll

A Tummie is a unique doll i several aspects:
• The doll is handmade meaning there is no other doll exactly like it.
• The doll is OCS certified which means that it is made of organic and/or recycled materials and it is free from harmful substances.
• The doll has a wheat bag in its belly that can be warmed or cooled to give comfort and that makes the doll the baby’s best friend.

A tempered comforter

A warm Tummie gives comfort since the warmth in the doll is similar to the body temperature of a human being. It is very useful when it is cold inside or outside and when the baby has growing pains.
A cold Tummie is very useful when the baby is sick to regulate the fever, when the baby is injured to soothe the pain, and when it is a hot summer’s day to cool the baby.


The dolls are named Tummies because they have a wheat bag in there tummy. It is the belly that radiates warmth or cold.
Find the whole family of Tummies at Frida & Fritiof.


Summer is one of six Tummies:
• She loves to be part of your play.
• She loves to be both inside and outside.
• She is named after the warmest time of the year.
Summer is good for the child’s development when it comes to empathy, fantasy, creativity, and self-awareness through play. She is a good friend, a soft companion, that stays close for the rest of the child’s life.

Wheat bag from MirakelDESIGN

The wheat bag in Summers belly is made of organic cotton and is filled with organic wheat grown in Sweden. The wheat bag is CE-labelled.
You remove the wheat bag via a velcro at the back of the doll.
The wheat bag can be heated or cooled:
• Heat the wheat bag in a microwave oven for 60 seconds at 600W. With higher effect, you need to reduce the time. Make sure the oven is clean.
• Heat the wheat bag in a regular oven in 100 degrees C for ten minutes.
• Cool the wheat bag by putting it in the freezer for one to three hours.
A heated or cooled wheat bag keeps the temperature for at least 30 minutes.
Take care of the wheat bag by placing it in a microwave oven for 1-2 minutes together with a glass of water. It makes the bag moisturized.
Do not wash the wheat bag.

Washing advice

Remove the wheat bag before washing. Wash in 30 degrees Celsius. It can be tumble dried on a low temperature.
If the doll smells strange at arrival, you should immediately wash it before use.

The box

The doll is delivered in a specially designed box made of recycled paper. The carton can be used to play with. It has a handle that makes it easy to carry it around with toys in it.


A doll is in full length ca 32 cm long and 24 cm wide. The diameter of the head is 11 cm. The wheat bag is 15 x 14 cm. The carton is 24 cm x 13 cm x 12.5 cm.
The weight of the doll is 380 gram including the weight of the wheat bag that is 250 grams.

OCS certification

An OCS certification is used on products that mainly is made of organic cotton but also contains other materials. The cotton of the doll, both skin and clothes are made of organic cotton. The wheat bag is made of organic cotton and is filled with organic wheat. The head, arms and legs of the doll are filled with recycled polyester fibers.
The OCS certificate means that the doll is produced responsibly and sustainable. The working condition has been goof through the whole production chain and the end product is free from harmful substances.
The doll is also GRS certified since parts of the dolls is made of recycled material. Finally, the doll is CE-labelled. A safe choice.

Rubens barn

Rubens barn is a Swedish company that can be traced to japan through the owners. They make beautiful dolls for comfort and play with a unique design.
On the left arm of the doll you find a Rubens barn logo.
Rubens barn has made several series of organic dolls and the latest in line are the Tummies. The Tummies are a Swedish invention in collaboration with MirakelDESIGN.
The Tummies are designed by Rubens barn in Sweden and are manufactured in a GOTS-certified factory in China.

21 nov 2020