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Mini Rodini SS19 pre

11 Nov 2018

Very recently the SS19 pre collection from mini rodini was launched. We think that it is one of the more exciting collections this year. The wct jackets and wct pants in limited edition are very nice and one color, the black one, sold out in one day.

For the fun loving parent the cat mermaid print is the perfect choice. It is available as a t-shirt, as leggings and as a dress. They are all made of tencel. Very smooth.

Another fun piece is the sweater in the first image on top and these terry sweatpants with a yellow fish.

The name of the collection is "love will steer the stars". The main piece is this sweater in very high quality.


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A small collection from Sense Organics

15 Sep 2018

This autumn we have a minor part of the Sense Organics AW18 collection. We selected only the ones that we thought fitted our general style. This time you can find two different rompers, a hoodie and sweatpants. The hoodie has a soft inside feeling like fleece. Everything is of course GOTS certified.







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New in from Wildkind Kids

27 Aug 2018

Wildkind Kids is a brand that stands for wildlife preservation and realizes its passion for wildlife into design for babies and kids. The spring collection was full of wild animal patterns inspired by the giraffe, cheetah, leopard, tiger and turtle. The autumn collection is more inspired by patterns in nature like roots and branches.

The two most used colors are peach and maroon. They are both soft and visible. Here below you can see some examples.





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The Bright Company - AW18

18 Aug 2018

The Bright Company (TBC) has just released their AW18 collection. The inspiration comes from plants and animals. The collection is based on two prints. One of them is available in two versions. The first print is called feathers. The second one is called monstera and it is full of water lilies.

The available styles are a onepiece (full monty), a two piece (slim jyms) and a nightgown. You can get most styles in most prints.




We can also offer two styles from the core collection with the harlequin print.


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New in from Serendipity Organics

10 Aug 2018

Now we have lots of new products from Serendipity Organics. All the products from the AW18 collection are now in store.

Serendipity is known for its fantastic quality. We are proud to, fro now and onwards, present some bodies for premature babies. They are super soft and give warmth.


Look at thses leggings. They are as soft as cotton can be. Available up to size 104.

Gray Label - AW18

6 Aug 2018

Gray Label is launching their autumn colletion on monday the 6th. We love the new colors. Take a look at some of the styles.



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Think Organic - Less expensive

6 Aug 2018

Think Organic is the latest brand in our assortment. We have play mats, babynests and changing cushions in store now. Think Organic is a little less expensive compared to similar brands. It is because they produce their products in a cheaper way and because thay don't have certificates for their products. Their products are produced in a GOTS-certified factory, though.

The collection is in a neutral design that fits in most homes. We have mostly chosen neutral colors in white and grey. But there are some exceptions like the play mat below and a cherry colored babynest. As far as we know these products are the most cheap organic alternatives on the market.

Think Organic - but not expensive.

A Babynest with kapok filling

5 Aug 2018

A babynest is a cosy and safe place for the infant. Most babynests so far are made of conventional cotton with a polyester filling. Some years ago it became possible to find babynests made of organic cotton, still with polyester filling. Now we have a new alternative on the market. Organic cotton with a kapok filling. Kapok, or Ceiba pentandra, is a tree with seed pods that are filled with cotton-like fibres that are very good for filling duvets, cushions and babynests. Since the Kapok tree isn't attacked by pests it doesn't have to be sprayed with pesticides. It is therefore naturally organic. Filibabba, one of a few brands so far, have chosen to fill one of their babynests with kapok and that makes it a fully organic product without any toxins. We think this is great. Kapok also have some other very positive qualities that makes the nest even more cosy and safe.

This specific model with kapok filling is stuffed extra full making it more firm and stable than other babynests.

Mini Rodini - AW18 drop 1

5 Aug 2018

The release date for mini rodinis AW 18 collection is the 26th of July.

Liberty is the name of the main series. In some of the styles they have used tencel for the first time. It is a very soft material. Feels just lovely on the skin.

We believe that the series Ducks will be a favorite during autumn.


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