Ecobuds - the organic doll

Ecobuds original have been around for some time now. It is a very popular doll made of organic cutton and filled with polyester. The whole product is OCS-certified. It means that it is produced in a good way and that it is free from toxic substances.

We have six different ecobuds. The most popular according to the producing company, Rubens, is Daisy. We sell most of Poppy. Iris is also very liked by both children and parents.

Daisy, Aspen, Poppy, Hazel, Iris and Fern.

The fact that the ecobud doll is soft it can be used as a cuddly toy and as a doll to play role-play or fantasy play with. It is very suitable as the childs first doll.

Now, just some days ago Rubens presented four new dolls. They are called mini ecobuds. The original ecobud is 35 cm and the mini ecobud is 23 cm. The mini version is even better for the child under one year of age.

The mini ecobuds are available in four versions. They are called: Elm, Flora, Lily and Basil.

Besides the fact that these dolls have a special aesthetic appeal they are also good for the child, as well as the environment.

As a concerned parent you can find some additional reading on the site Expert Mom that writes about ecobuds among a lot of other dolls for the one year old baby.

Which one would you or your child prefer?

4 jun 2019