A Babynest with kapok filling

A babynest is a cosy and safe place for the infant. Most babynests so far are made of conventional cotton with a polyester filling. Some years ago it became possible to find babynests made of organic cotton, still with polyester filling. Now we have a new alternative on the market. Organic cotton with a kapok filling. Kapok, or Ceiba pentandra, is a tree with seed pods that are filled with cotton-like fibres that are very good for filling duvets, cushions and babynests. Since the Kapok tree isn't attacked by pests it doesn't have to be sprayed with pesticides. It is therefore naturally organic. Filibabba, one of a few brands so far, have chosen to fill one of their babynests with kapok and that makes it a fully organic product without any toxins. We think this is great. Kapok also have some other very positive qualities that makes the nest even more cosy and safe.

This specific model with kapok filling is stuffed extra full making it more firm and stable than other babynests.

5 aug 2018